Who We Are:

Details Nashville has state approved certified instructors to teach the Server Permit Training Program.  After completing our class and passing the ABC test you will have access to your ABC Permit which allows you to legally serve alcohol as a server, bartender or manager of a licensed establishment.

About Our Classes:

The objectives of our classes are to give you an understanding of what is required to be a professional server of alcohol.  We will provide you with the basic information of alcohol laws and your responsibility in recognizing and preventing intoxication.

Our instructors will also give you pointers and suggested techniques on how to handle difficult situations when a customer has had too much to drink. 

We are offering regular ABC classes in Nashville, Tennessee. If you have additional days for classes to request or private classes for your company please contact us 615-567-3850.

How Much It Costs:

The cost of our class is $70.  There is also an additional $20 fee that must be paid to the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission at the time when you pick up your ABC card.  

What do you need to bring to the class:

  • Two forms of ID (one of the ID's must be a government issued photo ID)

  • $70 Cash (if you didn't prepay)


You Must Pre-Register for the Class.  Watch the links below and follow the process: 

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