Alicia + Eric Hathaway Wedding

Alicia and Eric Hathaway married on Oct. 4, 2014 and seriously, what a fun wedding!  

Alicia + Eric asked their guests to dress in the wedding theme of red, black and white so everyone became a part of the celebration.

The ceremony was full of unique moments. Instead of a "first look," Alicia and Eric chose a "first touch". Without seeing each other, they stood on either side of a curtain letting their hands meet around the corner. In place of a traditional flower girl, a "bellboy" led the bride, ringing a bell to announce Alicia. All this while an acapella vocalist sang her down the aisle.

And let's talk about the reception!  With the super fun bridal party entrance, emotional first dance moments, and the all night dance party - this wedding was a blast to shoot!

Seeing friends and family come together to celebrate is all the more fun with people who really know how to party.

Congratulations Alicia + Eric, our best wishes to you as you begin your life together! 


The Details:

Ceremony: Watson Grove Baptist Church

Reception: The Fleming Center



Sara Davis

Sara has participated with G.O.D. Int'l since 2010. She is a Biblical Studies major at the Institute, and is planning to work in film and journalism in the region of Latin America.