Liza + Phil Engagement

We met up with Liza + Phil on a bright Sunday morning after we got rained out the day before and took some shots around River Front Park.

Liza + Phil looked amazing! We were definitely jealous of how well morning looked on them. Austin and myself looked more like we'd been on a cross country road trip with no sleep before we arrived at the shoot. The funny part is I think we were both in bed by 10pm.... I guess we are not aging too well :( Needless to say, the camera likes these two....a lot!

We can't wait to shoot their wedding next month!

Julia + Danny Surprise Proposal

Last week we shot a surprise proposal for Julia + Danny. These are always fun to help plan and to capture!

Danny had been planning this for months from San Francisco and had reached out to us to shoot it when he arrived in Nashville. He had organized it so family (including Wilbur the family dog), and friends would all be there to secretly watch, and then celebrate afterwards as well. The original location was at Cheekwood Gardens where we would be waiting with Danny, who would surprise Julia who thought she was attending a cocktail party for a new art gallery installation. However, all this planning, all the time committed and the stress of making sure everything was in place for this day, was thwarted by, of all things, bad weather :( 

On the day of the shoot we start getting texts from Danny that his plane was being re-routed to St. Louis due to weather. At this point he was two hours out, and we had a tight window of time to get him from the airport to Cheekwood. So while Danny is stuck in St. Louis he adds us on his family's text stream. From there it's a flurry of messages trying to re-plan this surprise proposal. Should we do it tonight? Should we wait? Where should we do it? Mind you, while all of this is happening the sun is continuing to lower in the sky, and as photographers, panic starts to set in the pit of our stomachs. We finally decide on Centennial Park as the new spot and decided to still do it that night!

Danny arrives in Nashville and we pick him up from the airport Secret Service style!  We shoved him in the SUV and we were off racing through traffic.  It was destiny in the making. It was meant to be for us, Danny, and our mission to get him to the love of his life who has no idea he's in Tennessee and no clue any of this is happening. 

We arrive at the park and meet up with the rest of the family, who are waiting with flowers and their dog Wilbur.  We all hurried to get into position. From here, the photos tell the rest of the story. It was a close call, it got dark fast, but I think we captured the momen and the love, splendidly.

Enjoy the photos! Congrats again Danny + Julia!


Kaitlin + Alex Engagement

Man, we love shooting engagement sessions! It's such a great way to get to know a couple before shooting their wedding. It gives a chance for chemistry to develop between us and our couples and gives us a chance to help our couples develop some confidence in front of the camera.

There's nothing more exciting than taking a couple that may be a little camera shy, and capturing just how beautifully and well they photograph. It also gives us an opportunity to know what makes them comfortable and what doesn't.  For Kaitlin + Alex, it was seamless, we pretty much talked for two hours non-stop, and I'm being literal. They flew in from Colorado to plan their Nashville wedding and booked a shoot with us while they were here. We're so glad they did, and we can't wait to shoot their wedding next summer! 

Congrats you two! 

Jessica + Jeremy Engagement

Jessica + Jeremy = a relaxed house party you talk about for years because it was such a naturally good time.

We met up for cocktails at the Frothy Monkey Downtown before the shoot. Jeremy and myself took our bourbon with light ice and serious pours, while Jessica classed it up by drinking things with fancy names and egg whites in the ingredients, and my counterpart Austin (always health conscious) enjoyed some wine nonsense from South Africa (Full disclosure we all love wine). Drinks are the perfect way to start an engagement shoot. It lightens everyone up from the stress of the day, and relaxes the facial muscles before a shoot. We highly recommend it and will never turn you down if you suggest it.

After Cocktails we hit up "Printers Alley" for some classic architectural feels and rounded it out with some less cliche shots of the Nashville Cityscape. It was kinda like we met up with friends for drinks an then ended up just taking photos while we hung out for the evening. Definitely our kinda shoot and definitely our kinda people, cheers you two! 

We are looking forward to drinks and photos for their wedding next Spring!

Heather + Thomas

We went with Heather + Thomas to shoot their engagement at Clover Bottom Mansion. A great historic estate in Donelson, Just outside of Nashville. We love walking around the estate with these two during the seasons golden hour.

Heather + Thomas were a joy to capture, like walking around taking photos of old friends.

Enjoy their preview! 


Engagement Shoot Locations in Nashville

Need some engagement spot ideas?  You're in luck because Nashville is full of places! 

Whether you are looking for an urban feel, something by the water, amidst beautiful landscaping, or something rustic out in the country, Nashville has it all.  While you can probably take a drive and find a few places that suit you and your personality, let us give you a few of our favorite locations to shoot.  

No matter which location you choose for your engagement session, remember to relax and enjoy spending time with your significant other. The camera will not only capture the beautiful background but the sincerity and comfortability that you two have together.  So, kick back and let the good times and great photos roll!

City Parks

Nashville is full of great parks and one we use quite often is Percy Warner, it gets great sunlight, has multiple locations to shoot, and never disappoints. 

Engagement Session at Percy Warner Park

Engagement Session at Percy Warner Park


One of our favorite locations for shooting outdoors and off the beaten path is Bloomsbury farm. Its a little drive outside of Nashville, but the rustic natural beauty of this working organic farm is well worth it. Not only is it a working farm, but it's also a gorgeous wedding venue, which we highly recommend! 

Engagement Session at Bloomsbury Farms

Engagement Session at Bloomsbury Farms

Engagement Session at Bloomsbury Farms

Intimate & Remote Places

Abandoned roads and empty fields are always a gem of a  find for picturesque backdrops for engagement sessions!

Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

LP Field is a convenient spot to park, then you can take a stroll onto the bridge.  The walking bridge is great because you can also keep walking and find some other great locations in the heart of downtown Nashville!

Engagement Session at Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

Engagement Session at Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

Engagement Session at Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

Wedding Venue

Often times you can work out an arrangement with your wedding venue to be able to utilize their space for an engagement shoot.  This is always a good move because you can find some of the favorite places that you want to take pics on your big day.

Engagement Session at Graystone Quarry

Engagement Session at Graystone Quarry

Engagement Session at Graystone Quarry

Engagement Session at Graystone Quarry

Engagement Session at Sinking Creek Farms

Engagement Session at Private Residence outside of Nashville

Downtown Streets

The streets of downtown Nashville are full of buildings that have all kinds of vibrant colors and often an old factory vintage vibe.  Just start exploring together as you stroll the streets and let your photographer take some fun shots along the way.  

Engagement Session - Nashville, TN

Biltmore Mansion

Okay, so this one is NOT in Nashville, but it's only a short day's drive away and it's beautiful!  If you are up for a little drive with your photographer and are feeling adventurous then this destination for some engagement photos definitely won't disappoint!

Autumn + Scott Enagement

Shooting Autumn + Scott's engagement was our first opportunity to see Graystone Quarry. We must say, it is an amazing venue and there's not another couple we would have rather had with us than these two! They were perfect, ready for anything, and of course, so gorgeous!

We can't wait to share their wedding with you later this year, but for now, enjoy this preview of their engagement shoot!

Kelcie + Campbell

On a gorgeous fall day last week we met up with Kelcie + Campbell for their engagement shoot at Percy Warner Park. It was a great time, Kelcie + Campbell were awesome and laughed their way through the awkward feelings that always come with being the focus of a cameras attention. We love the way their photos turned out. 

Enjoy this preview!