PhotoBooth Questions

Client Info
Please list the name(s) of the people, if it's for a wedding please list both people's names. If it's for a company you can put N/A and proceed to next question
On Site Contact
On Site Contact Name *
On Site Contact Name
On Site Contact Phone *
On Site Contact Phone
Event Logistics
Event Date
Event Date
Event Address
Event Address
e.g. What is the load in time and location
Our booth requires a Wifi connection of at least 10mb upload / download speeds in order to send out texts of photos to guests.
PhotoBooth Customization
If yes, then please e-mail with a High Resolution Artwork
This can be up to 140 characters. Our standard text if you don't have a preference just says "Enjoy your photo from"
See image at bottom of page for samples
We will confirm if we can provide your requested backdrop