This page will serve as a resource for training videos related to banquet serving and bartending.  

How to Carry a Tray -  For the sake of your back, watch this short video for tips on how to properly carry a tray.  Doing it correctly will give you more stamina during an event as well as help you to look like a professional.  

Tips for Clearing a Table -  These tips will help you to be efficient and professional as you are clearing a table in a banquet situation.  

Beverage Service - This video will give you some insight into how to do proper beverage service for guests - a part of service that makes new servers a little nervous.

Setting a Banquet Table - This will give you a general sense of what to pay attention to when setting a banquet table, though standards will differ depending on the client for which we work.  

Carrying Three Plates - When serving large dinners, it is important to be as efficient as possible in serving.  Watch this video for some how-to on carrying three plates.