3 Tips for Your Best Wedding Photos Now

For many brides, photography is the most important aspect of their wedding day. Brides will invest the most money into their photos, and rightfully so, because the photos are the only things that will last.  The Details Staff has collaborated to bring you 3 tips to ensure that your wedding photos are the best they can be:

1.     Communicate Expectations:  Please, please, please tell us what you want. If you have pose or a certain shot you want, let us know!  We can’t know what you’re thinking unless you tell us!  We don’t care if you’re particular. We want to cater to YOUR needs.

2.     Stick to your timeline:  Be on time during your big day.  Give yourself enough time to get ready.  Your friend and family are there to assist you on that day.  Let them help you.  If you’re on time, the photographers can get all the shots they need to ensure your pictures are excellent.

3.     Be yourself:  The more you try to look like a pose or face you’ve seen in a magazine, the more awkward you will look trying.  Just be yourself – with your smile, your personality – it’s your day.

That’s what we’ve got for ya!  Post your own tips and tricks on the blog!