Chef Penelope at the Cannery Ballroom - An Epic Combo

On Tuesday, the 13th of January, the stars aligned in what can be considered, once again, a most excellent execution of vendor and bridal couple co-mingling. It’s one thing to throw a bunch of vendors into a big cavernous space, full of nausea inducing fluorescent lights. Then, unleashing a few hundred brides and their entourage into the room, is well, what we typically call a Bridal Show.

Now consider an alternative - a venue, ideally located, stripped to its gorgeous turn of the century bones, and left as a blank canvas for the bride and her planner to dress up as they envision.

In this venue are a group of hand-selected vendors who are some of the best in their area of service. Combine the elements of food, music, espresso, wine, stylized furniture and décor.  All vendors, but all presented in a way that makes it feel like an amazing party, thrown just for you.

Instead of getting a bag to shove people’s info in as you slide past vendor after vendor, you get to experience each vendor as if they were at your wedding. The furniture and drapes by Nashville Event Draping, and the tables by Music City Tents and Events let you experience in real time what they can do for your reception. Chef Penelope doesn’t just give you samples, she gives you a full spread of southern style green beans and crisp asparagus in a sauce that makes your face melt, couple that with Pork Tenderloin and drink from the Cannery Ballroom's massive bar.

You’re listening to music from Snyder Entertainment and there are some couples ballroom dancing, and dinner is beginning to settle. You think it's time to wander to some of the vendors and see what they’re offering. Before you do, however, you first stop by Details Nashville’s Dovetail Mobile Coffee Bar.

The guys running the bar are handsome, tall, and friendly and really know their stuff. They’re not serving up any old swill of black tar in a cup. These guys are trained professionals, serving up handcrafted, espresso and coffee drinks. The prefect accompaniment as you and your beau visit with the extremely talented men and women who Chef Penelope invited to this little get together.

Let's be honest, planning your wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why when you get an opportunity to go to Chef Penelope’s tasting, you make sure to attend. If you’ve tried her food, or seen one of the venues she chooses to work with, you know her taste is impeccable. You know you can trust her to present you with some of the best the wedding world has to offer. And on Tuesday that’s exactly what she did. 

Check out some pics from the event....