Brandy + Jeremy Wedding

Brandy + Jeremy exchanged vows at First Presbyterian Church in Kingston Springs this past weekend.  

With Brandy + Jeremy, we loved that they were very comfortable being themselves with each other.  There were no theatrics or performances, just two people, very in love, and ready to make the commitment of a lifetime. 

Jeremy spent the morning with his groomsmen, watching football, and shooting rounds at beer cans with a .22.  Meanwhile Brandy and the girls spent the morning chatting, drinking sangria and getting the final touches done to their hair and makeup at Brandy’s sister-n-law’s house. 

Brandy’s attention to detail was seen in all the decorations and special spaces created at the reception held at a private residence. From the patio area decked out with heaters, and cozy blankets, to handwritten love messages all over the reception area, the whole day was really well planned.  

One of the most stand out moments was with Brandy and her dad during their first dance. It began slow and classic like most father/ daughter dances do.  Halfway through, however, the DJ threw a record scratch, and Brandy and her dad broke into a choreographed dance performance to the cheers and claps of their family and friends. 

Enjoy the preview of Brandy + Jeremy's special day together!