Elise + AJ Wedding

You can fabricate a lot of things at a wedding.  You can make the most drab of spaces look absolutely beautiful with enough decorating pizazz.  But it's really hard to fabricate a bride and groom that are genuinely in love with each other.  And we think that there is no better scenery present at a wedding than lots of people who are thrilled and supportive of a man and his bride making a lifelong commitment.  

There was no fabrication of love for the wedding we did between Elise and AJ this past weekend.  And boy, do they have a whole crew of family and friends who couldn't be more happy to see them come together for the most important commitment they will ever make - to one another.

We were so thankful to have the opportunity to shoot this wedding and capture all the love going on between these two and all the people supporting them along the way.

The couple got married and had a totally cut-loose dance party reception.  Enjoy some fun pics we took away from their special day!