Rocio + Davor Wedding

We loved doing photos for Rocio + Davor. Their wedding ceremony was held in the stunning Church of the Holy Trinity in Brentwood. Surrounded by close friends and family we captured their vows in a most ideal setting.

The chemistry between Rocio + Davor was very obvious. Neither of them felt nervous or awkward. Their comfortable demeanor with one another was a delight to watch.

The couple didn’t have a wedding party so we went to Couchville Lake and we were able to simply focus on Davor + Rocio.  It made for a very intimate and fun time before the reception.

The wedding reception, put simply, was just fun! It was immediate family and close friends, at the couple's house.  There was a plethora of food from Yugoslavia, El Salvador and Mexico and lots of toasts to the couple's future together. The night was spent celebrating as two cultures collided under the banner of love. 

Congratulations Rocio + Davor! Enjoy the preview of their wedding pics...