Jason + Matthew

Last weekend we had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of Matthew + Jason at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Although rain clouds hovered overhead, Matthew + Jason were the exact picture of calm and relaxed. They sipped their drink and told us, "It’ll be fine, the rain will hold off."  And it did!

As photographers it’s our job to create an environment that’s comfortable for our couple to enjoy their time together. Whether there’s rain or late vendors, we’re there to reassure them and make sure they’re able to focus on their special day. With Matthew + Jason there was never a need to calm their stress; they were already on it. 

The ceremony was small and intimate, consisting of close friends and family. Matthew + Jason exchanged vows in a circle surrounded by guests on all sides. Their bridal party consisted of Jason’s brother and sister and Matthew’s two best friends. 

The reception was held in the courtyard of the Frist Learning Center.  Jason + Matthew's planner, Bruce Pittman, did an excellent job at tying together the details of their design.  The gorgeous brick and the warm glow of string lights created an environment perfect for a summer night of celebration.  

The first dance was definitely a memorable one. You know that rain that we had been worried about?  Right as Matthew + Jason began to dance, the rain began to fall.  It was a gentle, cool summer rain. Matthew + Jason, in classic style and true form, laughed and enjoyed their first dance in the rain.

Enjoy a preview of pictures from this special day.