Megan + Moses Wedding

We had the wonderful privilege of doing photography and videography for the wedding of Moses + Megan this past weekend.  The two have a wonderful story of meeting in Uganda while Megan was doing development work.  After three years of a long-distance relationship, the two are now united and very excited to start their new life together.  

The ceremony took place at Owen Chapel, a beautiful, quaint church located 20 minutes outside downtown Nashville.  The wedding included both American and Ugandan attire and traditions, and the crowd also enjoyed a song in Swahili sang by one of the bridesmaids.  

After the ceremony, everyone gathered at Marathon Village for a dessert reception.  Megan + Moses shared their first dance, and had a messy, hilarious cake cutting as they smeared it all over one another - something we all secretly wish would happen every time.  

Guests enjoyed dancing, lots of varieties of cake and vintage glass bottles of soda.  Having the perspective of a photographer throughout the evening, it was very evident that Megan + Moses were very much loved by everyone present to witness this special, long-awaited day.