Rachel + Ryan Wedding

Last weekend we were blessed to shoot Rachel + Ryan's beautiful wedding in the gorgeous mountains of North Georgia.  It was an absolutely perfect fall day at the Big Canoe Clubhouse!  

Rachel + Ryan are from Chicago and Rachel's parents now live at Big Canoe.  We've hung out with this cool couple a few times, but prior to last week it was only via FaceTime.  Rachel + Ryan are completely in love with one another and everyone could see it beaming from their faces all day long!  Over the years of their relationship, Rachel's job has caused her to move to different cities several times. Each time she moved Ryan would follow her, because he couldn't imagine life without Rachel.  She currently does marketing for Corona, as you can clearly see from some of the pictures below (fingers crossed 🤞about some major royalties coming our way from those shots!! 😜)

We really loved hanging out with Rachel + Ryan and their wedding party all day.  They were fun, relaxed, and very easy going. Having a stellar backdrop behind them as we took their photos was just an added bonus. 

There were so many picturesque backdrops to choose from at Big Canoe.  We have to go back a few more times so we can shoot them all! 

We hope you enjoy this preview of Rachel + Ryan's wedding...