Rene + Pete Wedding

Man, what a day we had Saturday! We headed out to Sinking Creek Farm for Rene + Pete's wedding. We were lucky enough to also shoot Rene's daughter, Heather, and her husband Reed's wedding in 2015. 

Saturday was rainy and dark. As we headed to Sinking Creek Farm we were watching the radar, hatching our game plan, and devising our strategy for making sure Rene felt gorgeous and was not stressed about the weather at all. Rene + Pete were hopeful the weather would turn out fine. Fast forward to the ceremony and the weather was only getting worse. However, as the ceremony ended, one of the craziest things we've ever seen happened. After Rene + Pete headed out from their first kiss, all of a sudden the rain stopped and the clouds parted revealing the sun and a gorgeous rainbow. Their day turned out beautiful and we were able to capture some really great moments despite the rain. 

Enjoy this preview of Rene + Pete's rainy Sinking Creek wedding!