Jessica + Jeremy Engagement

Jessica + Jeremy = a relaxed house party you talk about for years because it was such a naturally good time.

We met up for cocktails at the Frothy Monkey Downtown before the shoot. Jeremy and myself took our bourbon with light ice and serious pours, while Jessica classed it up by drinking things with fancy names and egg whites in the ingredients, and my counterpart Austin (always health conscious) enjoyed some wine nonsense from South Africa (Full disclosure we all love wine). Drinks are the perfect way to start an engagement shoot. It lightens everyone up from the stress of the day, and relaxes the facial muscles before a shoot. We highly recommend it and will never turn you down if you suggest it.

After Cocktails we hit up "Printers Alley" for some classic architectural feels and rounded it out with some less cliche shots of the Nashville Cityscape. It was kinda like we met up with friends for drinks an then ended up just taking photos while we hung out for the evening. Definitely our kinda shoot and definitely our kinda people, cheers you two! 

We are looking forward to drinks and photos for their wedding next Spring!