Neha + Eric Wedding

Last Saturday we shot a GORGEOUS wedding with Neha + Eric. They are both so photogenic! Eric with his gentle, quiet confidence, and Neha with her intense and affirmative beauty. These two were a dream to shoot. They had a traditional Indian wedding with Western elements and the way it all came together was perfect. 

They got married at the Fontanel Mansion  with mostly out of town guests. Neha + Eric were some of the only folks at the wedding who live in Nashville. The Fontanel was a perfect location to give the destination guests a classic view of Nashville. People from all over the world gathered for a truly wonderful and intimate ceremony that was filled with beautiful moments and lots of laughter. Eric himself didn't know exactly what he was getting into for the Indian ceremony but handled everything like a gentleman and a champ. 

This day was so much fun and was a joy to be able to capture it for Neha + Eric.  From the getting shots, to the first look and formals, to the last pictures on the dance floor before we said our goodbyes.  We could not be happier about how their photos turned out. Truly a day filled with intimate and special memories. 

We hope you enjoy this preview of Neha + Eric.