Candice + Cody Wedding

I can't think of a greater honor than to have another fantastic wedding photographer to ask us to shoot her wedding! That's just what happened when Candice Jones Photography asked us to shoot her wedding last weekend.  

Candice + Cody have been friends since high school and last Saturday they solidified the permanence of their relationship by becoming husband and wife.   

On Friday night we checked the weather for the wedding, and there was 100% chance of rain all day!  The wedding was in a huge clear tent at Candice's parents' house in Woodbury.  On the way to the wedding, we get a call from Candice telling us to bring our rainboots because the tent was inches under water!!  We were already en route, so we stopped at a store to buy some boots.  We showed up to Candice's house to find tractors digging a massive trench to re-route the water and the tent having water pumped out of it.  It was like a fire hydrant shooting out water for a few hours!

Despite all of the reasons that Candice + Cody or their family should be stressed out about their current circumstances with the rain, they were the exact opposite.  Everyone was cool, calm, and collected.  They were excited to be getting married and kept joking about how it was going to be such a memorable day :) 

By the time the wedding started all of the water was gone and the space transformed into a magical winter wonderland complete with evergreen trees, a stone fireplace, and chandeliers. The ceremony was spectacular and romantic followed by a lovely dinner and lively reception led by the Grand Anthem Band.

It was clear to everyone present how happy Candice + Cody were and definitely madly in love!  Enjoy the preview of their unforgettable wedding. 

Vendors who helped make this wedding special...

Venue: Jones' Residence

Caterer: Uncle Buds

Band: Grand Anthem Band

Florist: Lana Jones 

Lighting: Nashville Audio Visual

Cake: Million Dollar Desserts

Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai