Courtney + Jake Engagement Photos

Last week we got to head out to Graystone Quarry for Courtney + Jake’s engagement shoot. We had moved the day around a little bit hoping for better weather, and we nailed it! We got the best-diffused light and cool weather making it perfect for walking around the big gorgeous open space at Graystone.

When Courtney + Jake pulled up, it was clear that whatever kind of day they had didn’t set them up well to walk around dressed up for photos, but ya know does any day really though? :) Getting your picture taken can be hard! It’s why I hide behind the lens! One of the things I like to do with couples sometimes is give them the opportunity to release some tension, some nerves, and some frustrations from their day. I like to set them up, have them hold hands, and at the top of their lungs scream their favorite curse word. Pictured below you can see they took me up on it, and after that (and maybe a little gin), we had a really great time together. Courtney + Jake are so great, and we’re pumped that we get to shoot their wedding as well!

Enjoy this preview of Courtney + Jake’s fun filled Spring engagement photos at Graystone Quarry!