CMA After Party - Where Everything is Funnier in Slow Motion

As you might imagine, the real fun at awards shows happens at the after parties.  This year, we had a great time at the CMA after party sponsored in part by Patron. For 5 hours, we hosted our Slow Motion Booth at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  And, boy, did the crowds take full advantage of all the tomfoolery to be had with all the ridiculous props, the loud music and bright lights.  

There is very little that is funnier than watching a grown adult working hard at making a fool of himself for 9 seconds and then slowing that down to watch it unfold over the course of a minute.  You would really be surprised at some of the funny stuff we all miss living life in real time.  Everyone who enters the booth gets to experience this reality, even if only for a minute.

From delicious hors d'oeuvres to open bars to a  live band, we enjoyed being involved in watching people cut loose and have a good time.  And by cut loose I mean grown men and women wearing horse heads, playing blow up trumpets, bearing a Captain America shield, and making it rain with play money! 

The after party was host to a myriad of country celebrities and some of the cast of the TV show Nashville even stopped by for some fun.  Thank you CMA and Patron for allowing us to be part of the fun! 

Click here to watch loads of hilarious slow motion videos from the after party!