5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Video

The options are nearly endless when it comes to choosing what different wedding professionals you want to help make your big day everything you dreamed of.  From the new, more trendy ideas of food trucks or ice cream stations, to the more traditional options of florists and DJs and photographers, it’s hard to sift through everything and prioritize exactly what you want. 

When narrowing down your options, we would like to make the case that you include a professional videographer on your list. After the wedding, not having a video is one of the top regrets of couples who didn't book a videographer.

Here’s why you need a wedding videographer:

1.     SOUNDS. Couples love being able to capture the sights AND sounds of their big day.  Photos are great, but there is just something about hearing your vows, ceremony and all the fun of the reception.

2.     RELIVE IT.  Your wedding day is going to fly by, and you will be in a whirlwind of surreal moments surrounded by everyone you love.  It’s hard to step back and take it in when this is happening. A wedding video helps you to relive and enjoy this special day.

3.     SHARE YOUR STORY. There will inevitably be people close to you who will be unable to attend the wedding.  Having a professional video that covers different aspects of your day is a great way to tell your wedding's story and give them a glimpse into what they missed. And one day, your kids will love to watch it!

4.     PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE. Certainly anybody can capture video on their iPhone these days, but you will want someone who knows how to capture footage in such a way that they can tell your story.  A professional videographer will not only have top of the line equipment to provide excellent clarity, but also know how to tie in the emotion and details found in each aspect of your day to make it unforgettable. 

5.     YEARS DOWN THE ROAD.  What better thing to take away from your wedding than a video that you can watch on your 25th anniversary.  There is no better way to remember the sights and sounds of that special day than to have a copy of it to watch, laugh at how you've aged together, remember why you're still in love and relive the defining moment when you said "I do".

Check out a few of our favorite wedding videos from last year. Enjoy!